The most kawaii ~ inu token of the Crypto Space!

The most kawaii ~ inu token of the Crypto Space!

Our Project & Ecosystem

POM INU (POM) is a community driven token that Rewards it holders with DOGE. The token also features a Buyback mechanism which will take 3% of the fees to make Buybacks and give investors their assurance. There will be the release of a Wallet alongside with a Staking Platform to complete the POM Ecosystem and to one day become a mass adopted Cryptocurrency.

Community Token

Pom Inu POM is a community driven token that is a custom fork of BabyToken with a Buyback feature. The Marketing Fee that is collected will be used primarily for marketing, but also for giving back to the community & charitable causes.

What makes us Unique?

You may be wondering what makes POM different to other tokens? What really sets us apart from the other tokens on the market? Here several reasons why:

✔️ Upon Presale, POM will aim to achieve MASS adoption through its branding, marketing and early adoption on CEX Exchanges.

✔️ POM will grow to to become a form of payment used across retail stores in pet shops. Feed and take care of your pet by holding & staking POM.

✔️ POM will contribute funds towards Charity& develop a strong community. Alot of those funds will come from NFT sales created by our award winning Artist.


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 POM

Presale & Liquidity: 550,000,000,000 POM

Burned Tokens: 300,000,000,000 POM

Marketing & App: 100,000,000,000 POM

Team Funds: 50,000,000,000 POM (LOCKED)

3% Liquidity Fee

3% of every Transaction is deducted and distributed back to the Liquidity Pool.

3% DOGE Rewards

3% of every Transaction is deducted and distributed to holders depending on the amount of POM in their wallet.

3% Buyback

Each swap on Pancakeswap will incur a 3% Fee which will contribute towards the weekly Buybacks.

1% Marketing

Many projects struggle with marketing which is why we have set aside 1% of the fee to go towards Marketing in order to ensure the project succeeds.


Pom Inu (POM) will initially focus on Marketing & Advertising to get the project known worldwide.

We aim to use the funds gathered from the Initial Sale to launch our Token on a medium sized exchange.

There will be a strong focus on developing and finishing the POM Wallet so that we can begin the next phases of POM. This includes POM Stake & POM NFT Marketplace.

Get listed on TOP 10 CEX Exchanges & achieve Mass Adoption.

How to Buy POM

( 1 ) Create a Crypto Wallet

Create a Trust Wallet or MetaMask Wallet (We recommend MetaMask) – Download the official MetaMask extension for Google Chrome from then follow the steps to create an account. On mobile? Get MetaMask’s app for iPhone or Android. (NOTE: Please do not forget to write down your Seed Phrase and store this in a safe place – ideally cold storage and not on a device).

( 2 ) Add BSC (Binance Side Chain) Network

In your Metamask, go to “Settings” > “Networks” > “Add Network”. Add the following:
– Network Name: Smart Chain
– New RPC URL:
– ChainID: 56
– Symbol: BNB
– Block Explorer URL:
– Switch from “Ethereum Main Network” to “Smart Chain”.

( 3 ) Purchase BNB

Purchase BNB from a Centralised Exchange such as or Then send the BNB to your metamask wallet address, which is a long address consisting of many characters and starting with “0x”. (NOTE: Please make sure to send from the Exchanges using the BEP20 network, otherwise you will lose your funds).

( 4 ) Connect to Pancakeswap

To purchase Pom Inu (POM), you need to do so by going to Pancakeswap which is where we will be listed. Connect your wallet to pancakeswap by clicking “Connect Wallet”. On Mobile, if you are unable to connect with the website, you may need to access Pancakeswap using the Metamask Wallet Browser. (NOTE: Ensure you are connected to

( 5 ) Swap and Purchase Pom Inu (POM)

On Desktop, click on “Trade” > “Exchange”. On Mobile, scroll down and click “Trade Now”.

Select BNB as the first token to swap from. Add the Pom Inu (POM) contract address as the second token to swap to. Use the BNB you have just purchased to make a swap to Pom Inu.

(NOTE: Remember to set slippage to 12% or higher during launch)


You have now successfully purchased Pom Inu (POM). If you are unable to see your tokens in your Metamask wallet, please ensure that you have selected your Network as “Smart Chain” and added the custom token with Pom Inu (POM) Contract Address.

(NOTE: Should you need any help with buying POM, please reach out to us on our Telegram Channel @ or contact us at

App Development & NFT

Pom Inu aims to have the wallet completed as soon as possible.

Our Wallet aims to have several functions such as Multiple-Wallets, Staking, Spending & Donating to Charity directly from the app itself.

As part of our Roadmap we will eventually have our own NFT Marketplace. We would begin minting & distributing NFT as part of Giveaways and Sales toward Charity to massively increase awareness of the Project.


Kevin - CEO & Founder

Kevin is the CEO & Founder of Pom Inu. He has been in Crypto since 2015 and has lots of experience with Branding, Marketing and Team Management. He has a pet Pomeranian and is a true dog lover that wants to make a difference for all dogs in the world!

Honey - Art Director

Honey is the Art Director for Pom Inu. She has over 10 years experience in the Art & Design industry and has worked for big companies across Europe.

MiMi - 3D Artist & NFT

MiMi is in charge of creating our 3D Assets & NFT Tokens. These assets will be created for use as part of our Charities & Competitions as well as Marketing.

Kamil - Strategy Advisor

Kamil has a wealth of experience in Crypto. He will be the forefront of the decisions that will be made to ensure that POM succeeds in everyway possible.

Shane - Chief Technical Officer

Shane is the expert of the team when it comes to programming. Trained in Full Stack, he is highly skilled in Computer Programming and Software Development.

Shadow Mozes - Chief Marketing Officer

Shadow Mozes is extremely familiar in the world of Marketing. Having achieved a degree in Business Marketing & Management, he has gone on to work for big firms across the UK. He hones a wealth of knowledge in Marketing which will help to make POM very successful!

Matteo - Community Manager

Matteo will be in charge of running the Telegram and Twitter accounts. He will be the person in charge of keeping order within our Community at Pom Inu.

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